BBQs, Spits and Cookers

BBQ hire, spit roast hire and multikai cookers available to hire and are suitable for all functions and events. Our commercial grade bbqs are easy to transport and are great to cook on. We have two types of spit roast machines available to hire, including spits suitable to cook whole animals or rolled meats.

BBQ Hire

BBQ 3 Burner

Commercial grade 3 burner BBQ with fold out legs. Barbeque tools (fork, tongs, slice) additional. Price excludes LPG (we can hire you a 9kg LPG...
incl GST.

BBQ Tools Set

BBQ Tools Set

Includes BBQ slice and tongs. Can substitute for BBQ fork if requested.
incl GST.

bbq spit hire

Spit Roast Machine

This rotisserie spit (spits roaster / spit roast) is suitable for cooking a medium sized animal (e.g. up to 40kg) and includes temperature control...
incl GST.

Spit Roast Hire

Spit Roaster with Baskets

This rotisserie spit is suitable for cooking chicken, rolled meats and vegetables in the rotating baskets, and includes temperature control and...
incl GST.

Multi kai Cookers

Multikai Cooker Large - 2 Basket

Multikai Cooker Large includes two large baskets and is suitable for 80-100 people open cook or 50 people in trays (we have foil trays available...
incl GST.

Multikai Cooker

Multikai Cooker Deluxe - 4 Basket

Multikai Cooker Deluxe includes four large baskets and is suitable for 120-170 people open cook or 100 people in trays (we have foil trays...
incl GST.

Multi kai Cooker Hire

Multikai Cooker Jumbo - 6 Basket

Multikai Cooker Jumbo includes six large baskets and is suitable for 250-300 people open cook or 130 people in trays (we have foil trays available...
incl GST.

LPG Bottle Hire

LPG Bottle 9kg

Includes hire of bottle and 9kg of LPG - suitable to operate our small-medium sized heaters, bibs and spits. We also hire 18kg and 45kg LPG bottles...
incl GST.