Marquee and Event Lighting

Lighting is crucial for any marquee event and Party Warehouse offers several lighting options including Flood Lights (with or without dimmer controllers), Fairy Lights (including fairy light curtains and canopies), Disco and Party Lighting and Coloured Par Can Lights.

Flood Lighting

This is the cheapest and easiest way to include lighting at your next party or inside your marquee. Our flood lights contain an arm-bracket to attach to a marquee pole or similar enabling you to shine light upwards into a tree or towards the roof of the marquee. This way you will not have any bright lights blinding your guests!

When using flood lights inside a marquee we strongly advise hiring a dimmer controller which enables you to adjust the level of lighting (downwards) during the evening and thus assisting with mood lighting.


Fairy Lights

Party Warehouse hire high grade, L.E.D Fairy Lights - from reels of fairy lights for parties to elegant fairy light canopies for marquee weddings.
  • 24m reel of LED Fairy Lights
  • 12m LED "Icicle" Fairy Lights
  • Fairy Light Curtains
  • Fairy Light Canopies (see below)

Our fairy lights can be used indoors or outdoors and create fantastic mood lighting later in the evening. The photo to the right shows a 2.8m Fairy Light Curtain during the day. Imagine how amazing this looks at night time behind your bridal party!!

fairy light curtain hire
Fairy Light Curtain

Fairy Light Canopies (Marquees)

The photo to the right demonstrates a fairy light canopy inside a silk lined wedding marquee, (although the actual output of the lights is much dimmer than suggested with this photo, see below).

We recommend fairy light canopies for marquee weddings and other formal functions who have silk liners inside their marquee.  Alternatively, we can use flood lights on a dimmer control and install fairy lights around the inside perimeter of the marquee only (as opposed to putting lights throughout the roof too).


Disco Lighting & Party Lights

Our disco lights are essential for any dance floor!  We hire a huge range of party lighting and disco lights including mirror balls, LED lights, laser lights, smoke machines and lots lots more! We have disco light packages available to suit any budget.


Par Can Lights

Par cans are used to "uplight" a coloured light and are great for event lighting, mood lighting, or uplighting silk lined marquees!   We have a various range of colours available