Sound Equipment FAQs

Please select a question below. If you need to discuss these further do not hesitiate to contact us.
How many songs are on your jukeboxes?

Our digital touch screen jukeboxes contain over 6500 songs and 1000 music videos! That is, our entire music library is available on every jukebox hired, and we have a massive selection of songs ranging across all music genres, from 50s music through to the latest hits. We regularly update our jukebox with the latest songs. You can view a sample song list for our jukeboxes under Information > Sound & Lighting > Jukeboxes.
What is a sound activated light?

A sound activated light is a disco light that reacts to sound, i.e. the light changes to the beat of the music. The effect is fantastic if you are looking to create a disco atmosphere at your party.
Do you hire mirror balls?

Yes, Party Warehouse hires mirror balls. These create great atmosphere and work best in conjunction with other party lights and equipment. Mirror balls do have a downside in that they require some installation, hanging and mounting of the pin light. If this is not possible we have other options that require less or no installation, eg LED Disco Lights.
How long do bubble machines last for?

This depends on the amount of bubble liquid you use. With a typical hire 1L of fluid is included, this should last 2hrs of solid running time. If you require longer Party Warehouse sells extra fluid in our party shop. For best results add one quarter of a litre at a time and let it run out before adding more.
How long do smoke/fog machines last for?

Our smoke machines come with approx 0.5L of fluid which is usually ample for one nights use.
How many songs are on your karaoke machines?

We have two types of karaoke machines available for hire. The CDG machines contain over 1200 karaoke songs, whereas the digital karaoke machines (jukebox & karaoke combo) contain over 1500 songs. Both song books contain a wide range of music genres and are suitable for all functions and parties.
I am having a wedding/21st/40th etc, do your jukeboxes contain suitable music?

Each jukebox contains over 6500 songs and 1000 music videos, ranging from olden day classics to today's hits. All music genre categories are covered and therefore everyone's music tastes are catered for.
What is the difference between your karaoke machines?

(1) Digital Karaoke: This type of karaoke machine is only available as an add on to your digital jukebox (2) CDG Karaoke: This unit requires special CDs called CDGs or CD graphics that play music and display the lyrics on a TV screen.
Do your jukeboxes include disco lighting?

Party Warehouse have a massive range of disco lights, lasers, strobes and other party lights available to hire in addition to your jukebox.
Do you hire stereos?

We do not hire domestic stereo systems due to the risk of damage. Instead we hire more powerful PA sound systems ranging from 30w all the way to 1400w and larger.
What PA systems do you have available?

Party Warehouse hires an extensive range of PA Systems ranging from 30w wireless speaker systems (suitable for speeches) to powerful 1400w systems. Some systems can include a sub woofer.
How do I hang my disco lights?

Lights are ideally hung from light stands which can also be hired from Party Warehouse. Alternatively the lights can be mounted on a table or a speaker as long as they are secure. Some venues will also have rafters or something similar that can be used.
Do you hire disco light packages?

Yes Party Warehouse has a number of lighting packages suitable for a wide range of occasions and budgets. The 3 effects light package is the most popular option.
Do you hire fairy lights?

Party Warehouse hires commercial grade L.E.D fairy lights which display an awesome white light. We hire fairy lights in reels of 24m, or icicle fairy lights in 12m lengths,and fairy light curtains which are great for bridal parties. Refer fairy light canopies for lighting marquees.
Do you charge a bond and do I need to pay a deposit?

A deposit (typically 20%) is required to secure your booking, with the balance due on collection or delivery of the equipment (unless a trade account has been established). Payment of the deposit and/or hiring any equipment acknowledges your acceptance of our terms and conditions. In addition to the total hire cost, we typically require a bond payment to cover for damages, breakages or late return of equipment. The bond payment is charged in addition to the balance and is refunded on the return of all hired equipment.
Can you deliver?

Yes we can deliver, please contact our team for a price.