Marquee FAQs

Please select a question below. If you need to discuss these further do not hesitiate to contact us.
What size marquee do I require?

We have created a capacity guideline for marquee functions which you can view at Information > Marquee Info > Recommended Capacities. A rule of thumb for formal wedding functions is to allow 2m2 per guest ie 100 guests = 200m2 marquee. If your function is casual at home then a 6m x 6m or 6m x 9m marquees are commonly hired. 6x6 is the size of a two car garage, whereas the 6x9 is the size of a triple garage. Do you require more or less space than that? We have over 40 sizes of marquee available to hire and feel free to contact our friendly staff if you are unsure.
What is the difference between peg & pole marquees and frame marquees?

Party Warehouse hires two types of marquees: Peg & Pole and Frame. Peg & Pole marquees are the traditional marquee with internal centre poles and guy ropes around the outside perimeter, and they can only be erected on grassed areas. Frame marquees can be erected on any level surface (grass or concrete etc) as they are free standing, i.e., with no centre poles or guy ropes around the outside. Frame marquees are more expensive however they are a lot sturdier during high winds, they take up less space at your site, they can be setup on hard surfaces or against a house or garage etc and lastly they have no guy ropes which guests can trip over. Therefore frame marquees are much better than peg & pole marquees.
Can I set up and dismantle the marquee?

Yes, for small-medium sized marquees. Larger marquees (e.g. 10m x 15m and over for Peg & Pole marquees and 6m x 12m and over for Frame marquees) require experienced personnel to be involved with erection and dismantling. Please do not underestimate the time and effort involved with erecting a marquee, and the safety issues that can arise if it is not done properly. If you have the manpower but not the expertise to erect larger marquees Party Warehouse can supervise the erection of your marquee for a discounted amount.
Do Your Marquees include walls?

Yes, all Party Warehouse marquees include a full set of white walls. You can upgrade these walls to bayview-clear which look fantastic, let light into the marquee and enable your guests to enjoy the view during the function or party. Depending on the size of the marquee, it is usually a good idea to include 2-3 bayview walls with your marquee, and more if the event is large.
What are Silk Liners?

All our marquees can be internally silk lined. Silk lining transforms a marquee into something spectacular and is essential if you really want to impress your guests or create an elegant setting. We highly recommend silk lining for weddings and other formal functions. To completely silk line a marquee you would require a silk lined roof, silk centre poles (for peg & pole marquees) and silk lined walls. We also recommend bayview-clear walls with your marquee too, please refer to our best appearance package for further information.
Do your marquees come with floors?

No marquee includes a floor as part of the standard hire fee. Party Warehouse only hire good quality marquee flooring, and we avoid the cheaper and ineffective options such as fake grass matting (which will bunch up during the event putting your guests at risk) or tarpaulins (which will be punctured by high heel shoes, and become slippery when drinks are spilled). Party Warehouse hires high quality plastic flooring tiles which interlock into an extremely robust and level floor. We also hire dance floors which are essential if your guests intend to dance the night away!
Do I need flooring in my marquee?

Regardless of the surface the marquee is erected on and the time of year of your function we would always recommend a floor if it fits within your budget Not only does it save your grass and stop people trampling mud everywhere, it also improves the look of the marquee. Party Warehouse hire high quality plastic interlocking flooring tiles which are designed for marquee functions.
Is my site suitable?

If you have restricted space, or require a marquee on a hard surface and/or against a building (eg on driveway against your garage) then a frame marquee would be required. If your marquee is going in a large paddock then you can usually use a peg & pole marquee, but we would advise a frame marquee if the location is exposed to high winds. Please contact our staff if you are unsure.
What permits and safety issues are involved with hiring marquees?

The New Zealand Building Code requires all marquees 100m2 and over to obtain a building consent from the relevant local authority (e.g. Christchurch City Council) prior to erection. The purpose of the consent is to ensure that certain safety conditions are met. It is the hirer’s responsibility to obtain this consent.
Do you hire awnings? I am after some shelter/cover to extend from my house?

Party Warehouse does not hire awnings, instead you can use a free standing marquee and leave off some or all of the walls.
Do you hire gazebos?

No we do not. Party Warehouse hire quality marquees that are suitable for all weather conditions. Gazebos will not withstand a decent wind or storm (eg Norwester, or Southerly front) as they are flimsy, temporary structures. We have seen so many gazebos get destroyed or damaged during high winds, and they are now banned at some events we attend.
Do you hire dance floors?

Party Warehouse hires varnished wooden dance floors which interlock together to create a flat and sturdy floor for your guests to dance on.
What size dance floor do I require?

Depending on the size of your venue, the type of function and the numbers attending, you will have to adjust the size of your dance floor. Please refer to the appropriate link under "Information" for our recommendations.
What Lighting do I require?

Party Warehouse has a great range of lighting available, including flood lights, fairy lights, parcan (theatre lights) and disco lighting. Our flood lights have specially designed brackets that easily hook on to marquee poles for trouble-free mounting in your marquee. We advise you hire a dimmer controller with flood lights and/or fairy lights to assist with mood lighting.
Can I dim the lights?

Yes, Party Warehouse hire dimmer controllers which enable you to adjust the level of lighting in your marquee. This is essential for marquee weddings and other formal functions as you will want to dim the level of lighting during the evening.
Will I need Heating?

Even in the middle of summer a heater may be necessary. Budget for a heater just in case, as there is nothing worse than going to all the expense of hosting your guests only for them to become uncomfortable because of the cold. We hire a range of heaters suitable for both outdoor and indoor functions, including: LPG and diesel blow heaters and LPG braziers.
Will I need a trailer/truck/van to collect my equipment?

Depending on what equipment you are hiring you may require a truck or trailer to pick it up. Consult with one of our friendly team on what sort of vehicle you will require and remember we can deliver.
What fire safety equipment do you recommend for marquees?

All councils differ slightly in their requirements but you will likely require fire extinguishers, emergency exit lighting, fire alarms and an evacuation plan. Please contact our staff.
What quality are your marquees?

Party Warehouse hire high-quality, new and modern marquees which are hand cleaned. We do have some older marquees available for those on a budget
Do you charge a bond and do I need to pay a deposit?

A deposit (typically 20%) is required to secure your booking, with the balance due on collection or delivery of the equipment (unless otherwise agreed). Payment of the deposit and/or hiring any equipment acknowledges your acceptance of our terms and conditions. In addition to the total hire cost, we typically require a bond payment to cover for damages, breakages or late return of equipment. The bond payment is charged in addition to the balance and is refunded on the return of all hired equipment.
Can you deliver?

Yes Party Warehouse can deliver your equipment, please contact our team for a price.