Dance Floor Hire

View pricing and photos of our Dance Floors available to hire in Christchurch. 

Aside from protecting the existing floor or grassed area at your venue, the purpose of a dance floor is to provide a safe and central place for your guests to enjoy their evening. A dance floor makes dancing much more fun and comfortable for your guests, and it will protect shoes and floor length gowns from grass and dirt.


So how big should my dance floor be?

This question depends on the number of guests attending your function, the space you have, and what type of function you are holding. Keeping this in mind, Party Warehouse has come up with a basic schedule to follow:

For functions expecting 90 or more guests, Party Warehouse recommends the following dance floor areas:

Number of GuestsDance Floor Area
< 90ppDivide #guests by 3
90pp – 130pp30m2 – 40m2
131pp – 160pp40m2 – 45m2
161pp – 200pp45m2 – 55m2
> 200pp55m2 +

Please note that these recommendations are a guide only however our experience has demonstrated these size floors are appropriate. You may require a larger floor for your party or event.

Our dance floor panels available for hire are 1.2m x 1.2m (1.44m2) size.

For prices and more information about our dance floors available to hire, please visit the dance floor section of our product catalogue.