Sound Systems - PA Audio Hire

We hire quality Audio Sound Systems (PA Systems), suitable for parties, functions and events. iPods, mp3 players and laptops are all easily connected into our sound systems creating a powerful stereo system. 

Sound System Hire

Quality sounds systems of varying sizes suitable for most functions and events. Each system includes:

  • Speakers (2-4 depending on system) 
  • Sub woofer (depending on system)
  • Amplifier 
  • Mixer
  • RCA cable to connect iPod / laptop etc

Optional extras:

  • Speaker stands
  • Microphone (wireless or handheld)
  • Microphone stand
Refer to Audio Hire Christchurch for pricing and information. Also refer Jukebox Hire.  
PA Sound System Hire Christchurch

Wireless Sound Systems

These fantastic and powerful units are completely wireless  (ie no speaker or microphone cables) and can run on battery power making them suitable for indoor or outdoor events.

They are especially suitable for weddings as they can be used outside for the ceremony and again for the reception.  Each system includes:

  • 30w, 75w or 115w wireless system
  • Wireless microhone
  • CD Player (some systems only)
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to operate.

Optional extras:

  • Speaker stand
  • Microphone stand
  • RCA cable to connect ipod or laptop
audio hire christchurch

Refer to Audio Sound Systems hire for pricing and information. Also refer Christchurch jukebox hire.   

Loud Hailer Hire

Ideal for organising a large crowd in an outdoor or noisy environment, this 16w pistol grip loud hailer with shoulder strap is great value to hire. Refer ­ Loud Hailer for prices and additional information.