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Peg & Pole Marquees

Suitable for grassed areas only, peg and pole marquees have internal centre poles and guy ropes around the outside perimeter. While small peg and pole marquees are available for cold hire/self-installation, our large marquees must be erected by our experienced riggers.

12 Metre Peg & Pole Marquees

12 Metre Peg & Pole Marquees

Our 12m peg & pole marquees are the largest and most visually impressive in our range. Ranging from 12m x 12m up to 12m x 54m - we have got you covered no matter how large your event is!  With the classic centre pole design and striking profile these marquees are a sure fire way to make your wedding, party, or corporate event stand out from the rest!

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12m x 12m Peg & Pole Marquee$1,780.00
12m x 18m Peg & Pole Marquee$2,375.00
12m x 24m Peg & Pole Marquee$3,100.00
12m x 30m Peg & Pole Marquee$3,825.00
12m x 36m Peg & Pole Marquee$4,420.00
12m x 42m Peg & Pole Marquee$4,920.00
12m x 48m Peg & Pole Marquee$5,450.00
12m x 54m Peg & Pole Marquee$6,110.00

9 Metre Peg & Pole Marquees

9 Metre Peg & Pole Marquees

Our 9m range combines the classic design of a 12m with a lower profile to give a more intimate feel to the marquee.  This range is a favourite for wedding and party hire alike, thanks to it's stunning appearance and excellent value for money.  To get the best results let our awesome team of riggers take care of set up and pack out for you.  

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9m x 9m Peg & Pole Marquee$743.00
9m x 12m Peg & Pole Marquee$1,080.00
9m x 15m Peg & Pole Marquee$1,477.00
9m x 18m Peg & Pole Marquee$1,780.00
9m x21m Peg & Pole Marquee$1,847.00
9m x 24m Peg & Pole Marquee$2,280.00
9m x 27m Peg & Pole Marquee$2,533.00
9m x 30m Peg & Pole Marquee$2,603.00

6 Metre Peg & Pole Marquees

6 Metre Peg & Pole Marquees

Suitable for grassed areas only, our 6m Peg & Pole marquees come in a range of options - some that are ideal for self installation for parties to high quality options suitable for any occasion.   Call today for details!

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6m x 6m Peg & Pole Marquee$420.00
6m x 9m Peg & Pole Marquee$527.00
6m x12m Peg & Pole Marquee$685.00

5 Metre Peg & Pole Marquees

5 Metre Peg & Pole Marquees

Suitable for grassed areas only, our 5m peg and pole marquees are ideal for self-installation for backyard parties.  If you are planning a more formal event or anticipate wet/windy weather we recommend our Springtop Frame range instead.

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5m x 5m Peg & Pole Marquee$353.00
5m x 8m Peg & Pole Marquee$420.00

Other Peg & Pole Marquees

Other Peg & Pole Marquees

Our awesome Star Marquees are a mammoth 19m across!  They provide the perfect focal point and some much needed shade at large events and festivals!  Check them out today! We also have a range of older marquees suitable for summer camps, storage, building sites. Call for a price. 

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Large Star Marquee Shade Canopy$2,070.00
Larger Peg & Pole MarqueesCall

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