Glassware Hire Christchurch

Glassware Hire for Events, Parties and Weddings. A selection of our glassware.

Glassware Hire Christchurch

Party Warehouse offers the largest and most modern selection of glassware available to hire in Christchurch:

  • Beer Glasses — Stemmed
  • Wine Glasses — Red & White
  • Champagne Flutes
  • Tumblers — hiball and spirit
  • Cocktail Glasses — Martini
  • Shot Glasses
  • Carafes and Water Jugs
  • Cup & Saucer Sets + Coffee Mugs

Regardless of your function or event Party Warehouse will have the perfect glass to suit your occasion. For more information and pricing for our glassware click here (note, all glassware is hired in dozens).

Wedding & Formal Dinner Glass Hire

After deciding on the style of glassware you require, you will need to determine appropriate quantities.It is important to understand that guests tend to misplace their glasses during the evening and/or replace their glass with a clean one each time they require a drink. As you do not want to be cleaning glasses during your function or party, it is highly recommended to hire surplus glasses over and above the number of guests you are expecting.

Obviously the number of glasses required will depend on the function itself and the drinking habits of your guests. Keeping in mind you know your friends and their drinking habits better than we do, Party Warehouse has developed the following schedule of glassware recommendations based upon our extensive knowledge of function and party planning.

Your requirements will depend upon the beverages being served at your function but formal table settings generally consist of a wine glass, a water glass (High Ball Tumbler, Stemmed Beer Glass or Spirit Glass) and perhaps a champagne flute per guest, as well as one-two carafes or water jugs per table.You will also require a selection of glasses at your designated bar, including stemmed beer glasses, cocktail glasses and/or spirit glasses (if applicable), additional wine glasses (red and white wine), tumblers and champagne flutes.

Beer Glass Hire

For weddings where champagne is served immediately after the ceremony, champagne flutes and water/juice tumblers will be required. Party Warehouse recommends a flute per adult at the ceremony and enough water/juice glasses (High Ball Tumblers or Stemmed Beer Glasses) for at least half of your guests. These glasses will be additional to those required for the wedding reception or formal dinner.

As a guide for deciding on glass numbers for the reception, Party Warehouse suggests you estimate the number of guests that will use each glass and multiply that number by one and a half. For example if you have 120 guests attending your reception or dinner and you assume:

  • 60 guests will drink beer
  • 80 guests will drink wine
  • 120 guests will drink champagne (eg Toasts)
  • 40 guests will drink spirits

Party Warehouse would suggest that you will require the following glasses for the reception (most glasses are hiredin cartons of 24 but this isn’t a requirement):

  • 96 - 120 Stemmed Beer Glasses
  • 120 - 144 High Ball Tumblers (Stemmed Beer Glasses could be used instead)
  • 144 - 168 Red Wine Glasses (120 to be used for table setting)
  • 144 - 168 White Wine Glasses (120 to be used for table setting)
  • 144 Champagne Flutes
  • 60 Spirit Glasses (plus Martini/Cocktail Glasses to suit)
  • 24 Carafes (1L)
  • 6 Water Jugs (2.3L)Martini Cocktail Glass Hire
  • 120 Cup & Saucer Sets

Most of our clients choose to just offer their guests one wine glass only (252ml is the most popular size) at the table and keep surplus wine glasses behind the bar. In this instance, the 144 of each wine glass above could be replaced with, say, 192 wine glasses of one size.

If you are offering your guests champagne and water or juice after a Wedding Ceremony then Party Warehouse recommends the following glasses be added to the above list:

  • 120 Champagne Flutes
  • 72 High Ball Tumblers

Stemmed Beer Glasses are a popular way of serving water & juice at formal occasions and many clients choose to hire more of this glass instead of the High-Ball Tumbler. If you have any questions regarding what glasses are best suited for your function or event, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Glassware Hire for 21st Birthday Parties

A 21st birthday party can be a extremely variable occasion, but whether you are having a few drinks in your garage or an elaborate sit down meal you will require glasses.The formula we use for 21st parties is similar to the one we use for weddings; estimate the number of people that will be using each kind of glass and multiply that number by at least one and a half.

For example if you have about 60 people attending and you estimate the following:

  • 30 people will drink wine
  • 40 people will drink beer
  • 30 people will drink spirits
  • 20 people will drink juice and water

We would suggest hiring this number of glasses

  • 48-60 Wine Glasses
  • 60 Beer Glasses (Stemmed, Pilsner, or 380ml Tumbler)
  • 48 Spirit glasses
  • 24 juice and water glasses (Highball or 380ml Tumbler)
  • One thing to remember: If people attending your party are likely to drink beer from bottles or disposable cups you should adjust these numbers accordingly.
A selection of Party Warehouse's hire glassware.

Glassware Hire for Birthdays and General Parties

For these occasions Party Warehouse suggests you use the same formula as above - estimate the number of people that will be using each kind of glass and multiply that number by at least one and half.

For more information please visit the glassware section of our product catalogue or contact us if you have any questions.


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