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Party Supplies

Plastic Plates & Cutlery

Plastic Plates and Cutlery - We stock a wide range of disposable plates and cutlery.  We have bulk packs of white plastic cutlery and plates and smaller packs of cutlery and plates in a great range of colours to suit any colour scheme.  We also have paper plates, biodegradable plates, biodegradable cutlery and wooden cutlery for the eco-conscious.  Paper plates are also available in a wide range of children's party themes, both generic themes such as 'princess party' or 'pirate party' and licensed party themes such as Spiderman or Frozen party.

party plates

Party Plates

Party Plates - view our range of party plates below including plastic plates, paper plates, coloured party plates, kids party plates and more.

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Disposable bowls for parties - plastic, paper and enviro friendly. Huge range of colours.

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Cutlery - plastic knives, forks and spoons, biodegradable knives, forks and spoon, wooden knives forks and spoons. 

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Party Platters


Disposable platters

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