Recommended Marquee Capacity Chart

Party Warehouse's Marquee Capacity Planning Chart

Recommended Marquee Capacity

Not sure how large of a marquee you need for you event. We're here to help!

Use the table below to help you plan which size marquee you will require for your next function or event.  Remember, these are our maximum capacities for each type of marquee.

You may want to plan for a few extra people, so as not to make the marquee too cramped for your guests.

Marquee SizeSq MStandingSeatedSeated Formal 
3m x 3m910N/AN/A
4m x 4m1615N/AN/A
3m x 6m1820N/AN/A
5m x 5m25252015
3m x 9m27252015
4m x 8m32302520
3m x 12m36353020
6m x 6m36353020
6m x 9m54504030
6m x 12m72655040
9m x 9m81856545
6m x 15m90957550
10m x 10m1001108060
9m x 12m1081158565
9m x 15m13514010575
12m x 12m14415011580
10m x 15m15016012085
9m x 21m189200145100
10m x 20m200220155110
12m x 18m216230165115
9m x 27m243260190125
10m x 25m250270200130
12m x 24m288310225155
10m x 30m300330240170
12m x 30m360390285195
12m x 36m432460335240
12m x 42m504550410300
12m x 48m572650540360
12m x 54m648740600420
12m x 60m720830660480
Marquee Wedding in Timaru, New Zealand

Table Definitions Explained

Standing Marquee Events — Casual marquee functions with no formal seating arrangements. Allows for some tables & chairs, as well as bar & food service area inside the marquee.

Seated Marquee Events — Informal marquee functions e.g. BBQ. Guests seated at trestle tables, with bar & food service area. No dancefloor area has been allowed inside the marquee.

Seated (formal) Marquee Weddings — Formal marquee events with guests seated at round tables. Allows for spacious seating between tables, an uncluttered entrance into the marquee as well as food & bar service areas and a dance floor inside the marquee.


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