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About Our Sound Equipment

With touch screen operation and playlist creation, our digital jukeboxes are perfect for all parties and events in Christchurch and Canterbury. Each jukebox includes over 6000 songs and 1000 music videos, two powerful 350w speakers and a 17inch flat LCD touch-screen.

Digital Jukebox Hire

See below to view pricing or a sample song list for our jukeboxes (please note that the actual song list may vary slightly from jukebox to jukebox but rest assured every jukebox has over 6000 songs and 1000 music videos). You are welcome to visit our showroom and inspect the exact song library available on each jukebox before hiring.

Digital Jukebox - Music Selection

Party Warehouse is the number one jukebox hire company in Christchurch. Our jukeboxes are the best available, easy to use and include a huge music selection.

Over 6000 songs and 1000 music videos are available on each jukebox, in addition to two powerful jukebox speakers and digital touch screen operation.

Our jukeboxes are lightweight and suitable for you to collect and transport in almost any vehicle. We can deliver in Christchurch for a fee.

Our Jukeboxes are Easy to Operate!

All jukebox songs can be viewed and selected by album name, song title, artist and category enabling easy music selection during your event. What's more, the album covers and displayed digitally on the jukebox touch screen.

Our digital jukeboxes have a playlist function that enables you to create up to 9 jukebox playlists with an unlimited number of songs, ahead of time. This means you can have different types of jukebox music, for different stages of your party, ready to go at a touch of a jukebox button.

Click to view jukebox hire pricing in Christchurch or click on this link to view a sample jukebox hire song list.

Karaoke Jukebox Hire

You can upgrade our jukeboxes to include 1200 karaoke jukebox songs too — these are additional to the existing 6000 jukebox songs and 1000 music videos. Karaoke Jukeboxes are otherwise the same as our digital jukeboxes but we also include the karaoke jukebox songs and two microphones per jukebox.

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Jukeboxes - On Display

All of our jukeboxes, including digital jukeboxes and the karaoke jukebox are on display in our showroom at 133 Blenheim Rd Christchurch. We encourage you to inspect before hiring a jukebox for your next party or event.

High quality jukebox hire, easy to use touch screen operation, huge music selection and fantastic jukebox speakers - we are the number one jukebox hire company in Christchurch.

Click here for jukebox pricelists or view a song list.

Optional jukebox extras for hire include: