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Plastic Cups & Glasses

Plastic Cups & Glasses - We have a large selection of plastic drinking glasses including: disposable wine glasses, plastic tumblers of varying sizes and colours, red cups, plastic cocktail glasses and plastic martini glasses, disposable shot glasses and more.  We now stock the always popular Red Plastic Cups and Red Party Cups, available in 25pk and 50pk. Red Cups are hugely popular for parties and are one of our biggest selling items.  Plastic cups, wine glasses and cocktail glasses are also very popular.

plastic cups

Plastic Cups & Tumblers

Plastic Cups and Plastic Tumblers - view our range of plastic cups, tumblers and red cups below.  We stock a huge range of plastic cups suitable for bbqs, parties, functions and event. From clear plastic tumblers and white plastic cups, to the ever popular red party cups, we have plastic party cups available for your next function or event.

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plastic cocktail glasses

Plastic Cocktail & Wine Glasses

Plastic Wine and Plastic Cocktail Glasses - view our range of plastic wine glasses, wine goblets and cocktail glasses, plastic flutes and plastic martini glasses below.

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Red Cups

Red Cups

Red plastic cups - view our range of plastic red cups and beer pong cups below.  Red cups are easily our biggest selling beer pong cups however black cups, blue cups and green cups are also popular.  Red plastic cups, beer pong and red party cups are increasingly popular for parties in NZ.  In addition to beer pong games and beer pong balls, we sell our red party cups in 25pks and 50pks.

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plastic shot glasses

Plastic Shot Glasses

Plastic Shot Glasses - view our range of plastic shot glasses, sample tasting glasses and glasses for vodka jellies

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Coloured & Printed Cups

Browse our range of coloured plastic & paper cups and other party supplies.

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