Peg and Pole Vs Framed Marquees

Party Warehouse has two different types of marquees available for hire: Peg & Pole marquees and Internal-Frame marquees.

Peg & Pole marquees

Traditional marquee with centre poles within the marquee and guy ropes around the perimeter. Peg & Pole marquees can only be erected on grassed areas and take up a lot more room than framed marquees (due to the guy ropes) however they are cheaper than framed marquees. The photos below are examples of peg and pole marquees.

12m Marquee Bayview Walls PegPole_Marquee_Hire.jpg Peg Pole Marquee Hire

Frame Marquees

Free standing and can be erected on any level surface. Frame marquees (clipframe or springtop) have no centre poles on the ground, or guy ropes and thus offer more freedom. Frame marquees are essential if you require to erect a marquee on a hard surface, or if you wish to site a marquee hard against a building or garage. The photos below are examples of framed marquees.  

3m Frame Marquee Christchurch Clipframe Marquee Hire Frame Marquee Hire Akaroa

Refer our online catalogue to view prices of our peg & pole and internal-frame marquees.