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Frame Marquees

Our clipframe and springtop marquees are suitable for both soft (grass) and hard (concrete) surfaces, and have sturdy internal frames.  Frame marquees do not have internal centre poles or guy ropes, allowing you to maximise your space.

While they are usually provided with white walls, there are options to upgrade to anything from clear walls to silk liners and roofs. Sizes range from 3m x 3m to 15m x 40m and beyond.   

15m Structure Marquee

15m Structure Marquee

Fresh off the boat from Germany and engineered to the highest specifications, the latest addition to our marquee range is the largest and most impressive to date! This 15m wide structure marquee casts an imposing profile that is sure to make your event unforgettable. Available with clear walls and clear gables (pictured) to create a stunning look during the night or day.   Sizes range from 15m x 15m to 15m x 40m.  Prices are available on request so get in touch today!

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10m Frame Marquees

10m Frame Marquees

Our 10m range is a superb choice of frame marquee when it comes to making a lasting impression on your guests.  With a high apex and striking profile they are visually impressive at any corporate setting, festival or wedding ensuring your event is truly epic! This range has to be erected by our experienced team of riggers who can install all the optional extras like clear walls, silk linings, flooring and lighting.

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10m x 10m Frame Marquee$1,632.00
10m x 15m Frame Marquee$2,406.00
10m x 20m Frame Marquee$3,145.00
10m x 25m Frame Marquee$4,000.00
10m x 30m Frame Marquee$4,700.00
10m x 35m Frame Marquee$5,444.00
10m x 40m Frame Marquee$6,170.00
10m x 45m Frame Marquee$6,835.00
10m x 50m Frame Marquee$7,610.00
10m x 55m Frame Marquee$8,325.00
10m x 60m Frame Marquee$8,900.00

6m Frame Marquees

6m Frame Marquees

Our 6m range of marquees start at 6x6 and go right up to 6x60 or more.  They are completely customizable, completely weatherproof, look superb and can go on grass or concrete, making them a favourite choice for events, weddings and parties alike.  Our experienced team of riggers can take care of the installation and removal for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy. 

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6m x 6m Frame Marquee$604.00
6m x 9m Frame Marquee$822.00
6m x12m Frame Marquee$978.00
6m x15m Frame Marquee$1,253.00
6m x18m Frame Marquee$1,429.00
6m x 21m Frame Marquee$1,850.00
6m x 24m Frame Marquee$2,177.00

3m Frame Marquees

3m Frame Marquees

Our 3m marquees come in a range of sizes and are perfect for backyard parties, trade shows, corporate events and everything in between!  They are sturdily built, great in the wind or rain and can comfortably be erected with a hand from a couple of mates or by our experienced team of riggers.  

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3m x 3m Frame Marquee$230.00
3m x 6m Frame Marquee$362.00
3m x 9m Frame Marquee$495.00
3m x 12m Frame Marquee$615.00
3m x 15m Frame Marquee$750.00
3m x 18m Frame Marquee$870.00

Springtop Marquees

Springtop Marquees

Our Springtop Marquees combine the strong internal structure of a Frame Marquee with the pointed roof of a traditional Peg & Pole marquee.  They look awesome and are easy to erect with the help of a couple of mates or our expert team of riggers!  Ranging from 3m x 3m to 5m x 10m there's one to suit any occassion!

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3m x 3m Springtop Frame Marquee$228.00
3m x 6m Springtop Frame Marquee$360.00
4m x 4m Springtop Frame Marquee$350.00
4m x 8m Springtop Frame Marquee$616.00
5m x 5m Springtop Frame Marquee$543.00
5m x 10m Springtop Frame Marquee$773.00
6m x 6m Springtop Frame Marquee$604.00

Other Frame Marquees

Other Frame Marquees

We have a limited selection of older frame marquees that are suitable for building sites, summer camps etc.  Call us for a price today!

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