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Health & Safety

SiteWise is an online prequalification system that grades contractor’s health and safety capability and publishes that grade in a database which members can view.

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The members of the Hire Association of New Zealand (HIANZ) share a common commitment through our statement of ethical practices to promote the highest possible standards of professional conduct.

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Health & Safety Policy

Our company policy maintains that we adhere to a strict Health & Safety code of practice. All risks are evaluated at each event in question and decisions are then made to decide whether existing precautions are adequate and the right control measures are in place.

A risk assessment is nothing more than a careful examination of what could cause harm to people. It reduces any dangers by weighing up whether enough precautions have been taken to reduce harm to you the client, and us the company. This simple common sense approach ensures that your event is a safe one.

To assist in drawing up the necessary risk assessments for an event, we look at the following lists and grade all risks identified as High, Medium or Low. Obviously high risks should be eliminated prior to the event, alternatively it may be better to adopt a less risky option, prevent access to the hazard or reduce exposure to the hazard. A risk assessment is carried out by the company on the erection of all structures.

Risk Assessment – Marquee Event



Assessment Review

Marquee structure


All people in or around structure. Guy ropes, chains, stakes, anchorage points, etc.

Nobody except company personnel to erect or alter structure in any way. (Risk of possible collapse). Weight may cause an injury if incorrectly handled. Sharp edges on metal pegs and guy ropes, also parts at head height. Care to be taken.



All people in or around structure.

Risk of trips and falls on folds in flooring carpet and matting. All secured by company personnel when installed but may work loose during course of event. All flooring will be evenly laid where possible. Care to be taken.

Lighting & Cabling


All people in or around structure.

Risk of trips and falls on cables running to and from marquee structure, and other resources such as toilets and inflatables. Risk of electric shock if interfered with. Nobody except company personnel to interfere with connections, etc.



All people in or around structure.

Risk of electric shock and possible fire if interfered with. Weight may cause an injury if incorrectly handled or moved. Also risk of burn injury if handled whilst in or out of use. Area to be identified and hirer to be made aware of dangers.

LPG Cylinders


All people in immediate vicinity of all LPG fuelled heaters and in kitchen area.

Used to fuel heaters. Risk of explosion if interfered with. Weight may cause an injury if incorrectly handled. Only company personnel and authorised users such as catering staff to change and move cylinders, unless agreed otherwise by the company.

Access & Exits

All people in structure.

All exits are identified and free from obstruction. Minimum of two for tent structures holding 50 people or more.

Flammable Materials


All people in or around vicinity of structure.

LPG, diesel fuel, linings, décor, electrical equipment, furniture, flooring, etc. All materials used are flame and fire retardant where possible. Risk of fire still possible if used incorrectly. Care to be taken. Fire extinguishers present in every structure (Foam and C02) follow instructions.



All people in structure.

Although self-contained toilet units are used, possibility of a leak may occur. If discovered, move away from area immediately and contact the company by phone on the telephone number left with the hirer.



All people in or around structure.

Marquee structure to be correctly staked and secured for worst-case conditions. All weather to be checked at the time of event and taken into account prior to erection of structure.

Vehicle Movement & Walkways


All people in or around structure, including pedestrians.

Vehicle areas to be cordoned off and walkways to be identified to minimise risk of collisions & accidents. Care to be taken by all parties and will be the responsibility of the hirer.

Vehicle Access For Emergency Services


The hirer.

Good sufficient access for the emergency services. *Dependant on size of event.

Power & lighting Failure


All people in or around structure.

Risk of trips & falls when in darkness. Possible risk of electric shock if interfered with. Risk of coming into contact with fuel sources such as diesel if generators are being used. Follow guidelines laid out by the company.

Geography Of Location


Company personnel & the hirer.

Risk of flooding, wind loading, vandalism, theft, type of ground, methods of anchoring structure, etc. To be identified on initial site survey by the company and the hirer.


All people in or around structure.

Risk of trips & falls when walking past loose furniture. May be moved and possibility of blocking escape routes. (See access & exits). Weight may cause an injury if incorrectly handled. Care to be taken.


Additional Risk Involved



Working with steel over head

When working on the Marquees, there is often heavy steel overhead. It is important to communicate with the team leader before removing parts as they can cause items to fall and effect the stability of the marquee.

Heavy Lifting

Some of the equipment is heavier than expected. It is important to remember to bend the knees when lifting and avoid twisting.

Working in Teams

When working onsite, there will be times when the customer or other untrained individuals will be working. These people can be hazardous as they are not familiar with the equipment, and can act impulsively.


When loading onto the trucks it is important to check the load is secure before driving and tied down correctly.

Transporting Dangerous Goods

When transporting gas the driver should have a DG. Endorsement.

The driver should check the goods are loaded and secured in the correct manner.

· Open deck vehicle

· Upright

· Secured

· Declaration if there is more than 100ltrs

Marquee & Event Hire Health & Safety Guidelines

When someone has an accident

Make sure anyone injured has received first aid or medical attention if necessary.

Details of all work-related accidents or incidents that have harmed or might have harmed any person must be recorded in an accident register.

When a work-related accident results in serious harm:

Notify your nearest regional MBIE (by phone or fax) as soon as possible after occurrences of an accident or serious harm incident.

Provide the Ministry written notice (using the form below, or providing the same details) of the circumstances within 7 days.

Do NOT interfere with the accident scene.


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