Marquee Weddings in Christchurch

Have you thought about having a marquee wedding in the perfect location of your choice? Having your wedding dance on a custom wooden dance floor with a backdrop of silk linings that hang elegantly from the ceiling? Your bridal and guest tables completed with inspirational decorations? Your guests celebrating your special day in a purely luxurious setting? Prices for "Best Appearance" marquees can be viewed here or read below for more information and tips.

Planning a Marquee Wedding

Your wedding is unique and special and you deserve the glamour and splendour that you desire. Party Warehouse offers you a fantastic and simple way to have your special day at the location of your choice. Whether it is a venue with amazing views or a place of childhood significance, we can bring your dreams alive! We offer alternatives to dull and boring receptions and ceremonies with equipment, decorations and themes to ensure your special day will be remembered for a lifetime!

Planning a marquee wedding is enjoyable and fun and is much more rewarding than a typical and uninspiring indoor reception. Not only do marquees give you a blank canvas to create your dream wedding, they also allow more freedom for your guests – no being kicked out of the venue just as the atmosphere is warming up! Marquees can be erected at hundreds of locations throughout Canterbury, from beaches and public spaces to private and secluded locations. Party Warehouse allows you to enjoy your special day limited only to your imagination and your enthusiasm to create a splendid and stunning environment.

Who chooses marquee weddings?   

Party Warehouse caters for large, elaborate weddings down to the more casual, backyard wedding. Marquee weddings are becoming ever more popular as brides and grooms to-be realise they can enjoy their special day at any location of their choice.

Getting  married in a marquee means you can get married anywhere without having to worry about the weather (too much sunshine can be just as disastrous as a sudden downpour). What’s more, our elegant marquees can include bayview-arched walls, enabling you to see the view of your special place until sunset.

But aren’t marquee weddings expensive?   

Price completely depends on whether you go for the most basic tent or an elegant white marquee, complete with silk linings and all the other extras. As well as the individuality of a marquee wedding, savings can also be achieved by providing your own beverages and catering. The extra that you may spend on a marquee can be saved on not being tied down by the venue’s set caterer. This gives you the flexibility to choose a caterer that best meets your requirements.

Marquee Wedding Packages

Click here for information on our Best Appearance Package, this package includes an elegant white marquee completely setup with silk roof lining and bayview-arched walls. Equivalent to a 10% discount, this package offers exceptional value for money.

Party Warehouse also offers the Wedding Ceremony Package


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